10 Best Comic First Issues This Week (Dec 26, 2018)

The last week of new #1s before the new year!

Marvel Comics

The week between Christmas and the new year is a strange stretch where time tends to be forgotten. Many schools and businesses have a bit more lax schedule for the holidays so it all bleeds together to form a gelatinous ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. Most critics and review sites have their year-end wrap up articles or videos out already, so this week is typically a shallow pool to choose from.

Though a scant haul this week, with DC Comics not even releasing a new #1 this week, there are still 10 first issues that are worth discussing.

10. Dracula Vs Cthulhu... Sort Of

Acid Wolf Entertainment/Anastacia Bond

Dracula is killing members of an esoteric cult while a loose-cannon of a detective hunts him down more or less.

It is hard to really talk about this book because the title is in fact an outright lie. It's more Dracula Versus Lovecraftian Horror, though given that the being summoned is actually given the name Adramelech, one of Judao-Christian demon lords, it's not even cosmic horror. It is sadly just a regular satanic cult by the end, even if there is a panel of a dude being turned into a gibbering pile of tentacles.

That small rant aside, it isn't a bad little comic. Both the art and the writing are definitely a bit weak, but both Catherine Debois and Sean McAnulty respectively are newcomers to the medium and there is the talent is obvious when reading it. McAnulty's writing is trying for an almost Evil Dead humor aesthetic and it mostly works.

While there weren't any laugh out loud moments, it generously provide a quick chortle every now and again, especially the ending which gives a 'huh' that sums up the whole thing.

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