10 Best Comic First Issues This Week (Jan 2, 2019)

Marvel come out guns blazing with several must-read #1s.

Marvel Comics/Rafael Albuquerque

There's a certain buzz with the start of a new year for comics. It opens up so many new possibilities and the potential for new voices to float to the surface.

To catch everyone up on the last month: Marvel is still running the Stan Lee Memorial banners which is touching, there have not been any new #1s from DC Comics in two weeks, and the indie scene is picking up the slack by being pretty awesome - as it usually is, to be fair.

So, to usher in the New Year, it's time to see if 2019 started off strong with the 10 best new first issues released last week, January 2.

10. Alien 101 #1

Scattered Comics/Eli Beaird

In Alien 101, Several aliens had been sent to Earth to better understand human emotions and life, including the protagonist. Navigating the halls of high school are hard enough but being an alien, that just makes it tougher.

Eli Beaird is both writer and artist, and that singular creative force is what really brings out the charm in this title. The premise itself is somewhat standard, reflecting on the nature of love, life and surviving high school by placing the lead as an outsider to the human condition, but it works all the same.

There are moments that are predictable or even over-written but the sheer potential and charm of this comic makes it worthy of a mention.


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