10 Best Comic Runs Of All Time

1. Uncanny X-Men: Chris Claremont And John Byrne

Marvel Comics

Chris Claremont has written more issues of X-Men than any other writer in history, and while that is an unequaled accomplishment, his tenure on Uncanny X-Men reached its peak with his collaboration with artist John Byrne. The two of them reached the apex of long form storytelling through brilliant character driven stories and gorgeously penciled pages.

Between the Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past, along with many other arcs, this run is unparalleled with how powerful and epic the stories Claremont and Byrne tell. What makes these grandiose stories work, even with a large and dynamic team, is their strong character moments. Uncanny X-Men is full of wonderfully crafted high drama that makes readers deeply invested in the both the characters and story at hand.

Along with providing pencils for Uncanny X-Men, John Byrne is also credited with co-plotting the story. Being able to bring the story to life on both fronts brings out the best work of his lengthy career. Byrne reached an iconic status through his brilliant layouts and pencils that have been permanently etched into comics history.

This run has everything you want out of X-Men stories - the potential end of the world, a space opera, romance, death, alternate timelines and so much more. Quite simply, Claremont and Byrne give the absolute best comic run of all time.

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