10 Best Female Characters In The X-Men Universe

1. Storm


As the woman poised to lead the X-Men into battle should Cyclops be unavailable, Storm is truly a woman of power and grace. Her demeanour is something to admire and behold, selfless and heroic, and represents a hopeful vision for our own future, with not only human and mutants but men and women of all colors coming together to create something better.

Storm is massively significant in the history of the X-Men. She has been able to lay the groundwork for a more diverse cast of superheroes, as well as being just plain cool. Her powers are a fantastic chance to play with some killer visuals, with the image of Storm's cape flapping in front of a massive weather change she just started incredible poetry in motion. She's one of the most popular and adapted members of the entire X-Men, having been brilliantly played by Academy Award-winner Halle Berry in all of her live-action film appearances minus Apocalypse, where Ororo Munroe took on the mantle.

Storm is also playable in a number of X-Men video games, and was a recurring character on the 1990s cartoon series. She is culturally and historically significant, and an overall amazing character, allowing her to stand tall as the greatest X-Woman of all time.


It's certain that a few ladies may have been missed along the way, so sound off in the comments and let us know who your favourite X-Woman is.

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