10 Best Moments From Charles Soule's Daredevil

Seriously... how did everyone miss one of Marvel's greatest comics?

Marvel Comics

Daredevil fans have had quite a time of it recently. With the cancellation of the utterly superb Netflix show, not to mention the death of the titular hero in the comics, Matthew Murdock's lifespan in any medium seems to be rather short.

However, over the last few years, those who enjoy reading about the Man Without Fear's exploits have also been blessed with an absolutely brilliant set of tales from excellent scribe, Charles Soule.

Sure, his run has been somewhat overlooked in comparison to previous stories surrounding the character, but, with help from exquisite artists like Ron Garney, Mike Henderson, Goran Sud┼żuka and Phil Noto, the series has more than asserted itself as a must-read - and potentially even as one of the greatest Daredevil runs of all time

Yet, all good things must come to a end eventually. Beginning in February 2019, Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto will begin a new run on the book, and though it very much is cause to be excited, now seems like the perfect time to look at what made the previous run so brilliant.

With a switch to the other side of the court room, a new partner in crime and Wilson Fisk taking his scheming to a whole other level, here are the moments that made Soule's Daredevil so special.



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