10 Best Single Issue Comics Ever

9. FF #17

FF 17 Spider-Man Human Torch
Marvel Comics

Taking place shortly after Johnny Storm's return in the pages of Fantastic Four 601, FF #17 sees Spider-Man and the Human Torch as roommates, with the whole joke being that Johnny isn't a particularly good one.

Loud, discourteous and one trip to the Negative Zone away from being the worst flatmate ever, Jonathan Hickman's issue sees the two BFFs get to grips with being in a house-share. That alone ensures it boasts a huge appeal, but the true genius of the comic lies in just how hilarious it actually is, making it a must-read for those who have a fondness for Marvel Comics' most iconic friendship.

Yes, it's not particularly serious, or even all that essential when taken alongside Hickman's long-running stint on Fantastic Four, but it is brilliant, and helped make Johnny's return feel just that little bit more forgivable, with the character having only mounted a comeback just a year after his 'death' occurred in the pages of Fantastic Four #587.

Oh, and you will never look at Annihilus the same way ever again. Honest.

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