10 Best Superhero Successors

The most enduring legacies from Marvel and DC.

Marvel Comics

As Batman said in the first film of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy: "It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me."

This sentiment doesn't just apply to the Dark Knight though, but to all of the heroes of the Marvel and DC universes. After all, though the majority of the original characters are brilliant, their legacies are formed from the actions that make them heroes in the first place, rather than the identity of who is under the mask.

And, as has been proven many times across the comic book landscape, those who take up these various mantles often end up surpassing their predecessors in terms of heroism and individual greatness. It doesn't matter if they were introduced 70 years ago, or just seven - the following superhero successors are a cut above the rest.

10. Jaime Reyes - Blue Beetle

DC Comics

Unlike a traditional successor, Jaime Reyes shares almost nothing with the previous two Blue Beetles, the only connection with them being the scarab that gives him his powers originally belonged to the first Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett.

Despite this lack of connection, Jaime Reyes has really made for some thoroughly enjoyable watching and reading across the many mediums he has appeared in, and has absolutely lived up to the legacy the name represents.

As well as his solo adventures, Reyes has been a part of many teams, most famously the animated Young Justice group and the comic book Teen Titans, in which he has gone toe to toe with powerhouses like Lobo and Starro, and lived to tell the tale, just showing how resilient - and heroic - the character is.


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