10 Biggest Comics Controversies Of 2017

1. Eddie Berganza


After almost a decade of knowledge of his actions, DC finally let the controversial editor go after allegations of sexual misconduct made mainstream news as part of a wave of public scrutiny directed towards the entertainment industry.

Eddie Berganza spent many years at DC as an editor and Group Editor, in charge of overseeing one of the publisher's most iconic characters, the forebear of all superhero comics, Superman himself. However, it had been an element of common knowledge within the industry that Berganza was another thing too: an alleged sexual harasser.

Finally, after continuing in employment with DC for so long despite complaints made within the publisher, and even seeing himself promoted over time, Berganza's alleged misconduct was exposed by Buzzfeed, in the midst of the wave of sexual harassment revelations sweeping through the wider entertainment industry.

Now receiving mainstream attention, it caused DC to take greater action than it ever had before, initially suspending Berganza before ultimately letting him go entirely.

For many, it was a move that had taken far too long to come, and for some, too little, too late. Ultimately, it was something DC should have corrected a long time ago.

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