10 Biggest Things To Come Out Of Marvel Legacy #1

1. The Return Of Valeria And Franklin Richards

Marvel Comics

The children of the Fantastic Four making an appearance in a Marvel comic can only mean one thing... the Fantastic Four won't be far behind.

The true exciting returns of Marvel Legacy #1 are really these two. Valeria is ultimately revealed to be the mysterious narrator of the issue, as she and her older brother continue to watch over the multiverse from outside of it, but Valeria clearly has a desire to return to her home reality in the Marvel Universe.

And with a kid that smart, you can be sure she'll find a way.

And if she and her brother are coming back (with her uncles Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm on Earth deciding it's time to find out what happened to her and her parents), you can guarantee that will mean her parents Reed and Sue Richards will not be far behind.

The First Family of comics may finally be reunited soon and bring back the heart, joy and thrill of adventure to the Marvel Universe that it had sorely been lacking, and that is something well worth being hopeful over.

With the Human Torch and the Thing teaming up in the upcoming Marvel Two-In-One, it's a safe bet that that will be THE book to follow for the final return of the Fantastic Four.

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