10 Biggest Things To Come Out Of Marvel Legacy #1

10. Captain America Is No Longer Trusted

Marvel Comics

After the Secret Empire fiasco, one lasting thread seems to be a Captain America viewed with suspicion and mistrust.

Much like the fans are unsure if Captain America as a character can be restored after spending over a year as a secret and then very public Nazi (or Hydra agent, if Marvel are still trying to deny the organisation is basically Nazis), the public of the Marvel Universe seem to be equally unsure of Steve Rogers as the Sentinel of Liberty.

Understandably! After all, 'Nazi Cap wasn't really me, but rather a version of me that had been created by a time and reality altering child who was really a cube, and now I'm the real me, created from a point before the kid made me a Nazi' is a very hard pill to swallow. In a news broadcast seen in Marvel Legacy #1, the presenter lays speculation around the story, and discusses how the hero has been missing since the whole debacle that was Secret Empire.

This is because Steve Rogers himself is unsure what to do exactly himself, as his legacy has been corrupted and tainted.

Going forward then, we'll see a Captain America viewed with suspicion and perhaps even contempt, which may be apt right now, living in a world where people seem unsure who to trust.


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