10 Characters Who Replaced Captain America

Steve Rogers hasn't been the only one to wield the shield.


Since 2011, Chris Evans has been bringing Captain America to the big screen. However, with the actor's contract set to expire after the next two Avengers movies, that time could soon be coming to a close and Steve Rogers' days look numbered.

Sure there's always the possibility that the character will just be recast, but what seems more likely is that Cap will go out in a blaze of glory and pass on the shield to someone else.

The question is who could his replacement be? Well, turning to the comics, there is a long precedent of people replacing Captain America.

Whether through death or by choice, there have been times when Steve Rogers has hung up his star-spangled tights and left a Captain America sized hole in the Marvel Universe. Usually though, one hero, or even several have stepped up to fill the void.

Here are ten characters who have replaced Steve Rogers while he's been otherwise indisposed. Some have crafted new identities inspired by Cap's legacy, others have stepped right into those cuffed red boots to carry on the Captain America name. Either way, they've all dedicated themselves to filling the Sentinel of Liberty's role.

For better or worse.


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