10 Comic Book Catastrophes That Killed Millions

You thought Man Of Steel's death toll was bad? Hoo boy...

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The current renaissance in superhero films is almost universally adored, with Marvel'€™s Cinematic Universe continuing to go from strength to strength and DC bringing their franchise back on track with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, with the latter breaking records as the company's highest grossing superhero film ever.

Of the few criticisms against them (besides some lack of narrative invention) has been the death tolls. Man of Steel was singled out especially for the widespread death and destruction throughout Superman and General Zod'€™s climactic battle across Metropolis, as skyscrapers are toppled and presumably thousands are injured or killed. Doesn'€™t really gel with the Man Of Steel€™s sunny superhero status, being committed to keeping people safe and all that.

The Battle Of New York in Avengers left a similar trail of destruction, and again it looked like superheroes were presiding over some huge humanitarian catastrophe. Valid criticisms, but in fact the films are just being true to their comic book source material, where entire countries get wiped out any time there'€™s a new supervillain who needs to prove he's super serious.

In fact the smoking craters New York and Metropolis were rendered are small fry compared to some of the disasters glimpsed on the page. Realities have been deleted, populations eradicated and worse besides in the ten comic book catastrophes that killed millions.

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