Death Of Captain America

Clichés. They’re everywhere in pop culture, it’s unavoidable. They’re something that comes up over and over again. So often that they become predictable and laughable for how often they appear. While some are beloved and necessary for certain types of culture, there are some that have become more than a little irritating over time.

Comic books have their fair share of clichés. Luckily for fans, a lot of clichés in comics have died over time. Villians are no longer shouting “I’ll get you next time!” or have obviously evil birth names. Let’s face it, guys with names like Victor Von Doom and Sinestro really had no alternate carrier paths other than being evil. They were never going to be motivational speakers or baristas.

Love interests are no longer solely damsels in distress and dialogue is as corny as it once was. So if some angnnoy clichés have died over time, what are the ones that are left? What is plaguing the comic book industry that makes things predictable and obvious? Let’s see what ideas have been overused in comic books today.

This is the 10 Comic Book Cliches That Need to Die…

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This article was first posted on February 2, 2014