10 Comic Book Crossovers With The Evil Dead

Ash vs... Howard the Duck?! 

Marvel Comics/Dynamite Comics

It's a good time to be a fan of Evil Dead survivor and Chosen One Ashley C. Williams. Resurrected from development hell by TV studio Starz and their hit horror sitcom Ash Vs Evil Dead, B-movie star Bruce Campbell (and his hotheaded lunk Ash) is a busy man these days, continuing to fight the slathering Deadites well past his middle age and beyond. With two excellent series in the bag and a third on the way, old Ash looks to be just hitting his stride. Fans have never had it so good.

This wasn't always the case though. Once over, it looked like we'd never see Bruce Campbell's chinfaced hero in (live) action again, leaving many looking to other avenues for an Ash fix. Thankfully, one didn't have to look too far, thanks to a series of comic book adventures, following on from the plot of Army Of Darkness.

The series - titled Ash Vs Army Of Darkness - would take Ash to grounds old and new, hopping backwards and forwards through time from issue to issue. Taking the fantasy theme and running with it, it didn't take long for these funnybook adventures to reach the holiest of holy comic book traditions: the crossover.



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