10 Comic Book Plots That Will Never Be Resolved

Not knowing how these end is worse than any supervillain plot.

Marvel Comics

Sometimes, the serialised nature of comics can be really infuriating. You can be reading an issue when suddenly your favourite hero will be hit with a new plot, one that completely changes up the status quo and promises that, by the end, nothing will be the same again.

Excitedly, you pick up the next issue, and the next and the next, each time desperately hoping for some resolution but all you get is a little crumb of plot development. Waiting for comic storylines to be resolved can be an exasperating process, often taking years, sometimes even decades to reach a conclusion.

Of course, that's the best case scenario. Other times, maybe a writer will leave a book, maybe the whole series will be cancelled, maybe even everyone involved will just forget, but for whatever reason we'll sometimes be left with a comic book plot that never ever gets finished.

It's a maddening experience, investing time and money on new comics trying to find out what's going to happen in a story you're invested in, only to realise you're never going to get an answer.

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