10 Comic Book Supervillains Who ACTUALLY Deserve A Solo Movie

10. Bane

DC Comics

Bane has had some... questionable on-screen appearances with the famously awful Batman Forever incarnation and the interesting, yet completely inaccurate, Tom Hardy version seen in The Dark Knight Rises.

Contrary to the movies, Bane isn't just a brute, and is, in reality quite smart, because it takes more than just brawn to break the likes of the Bat.

Giving Bane his own film would allow for an exploration of a much more accuate version of a character, one that wouldn't ignore his aforementioned intelligence, and with stories like Knightfall and the recent I Am Bane arc seen in Tom King's Batman run, the character has a very interesting history to draw on, and would be a villain that would really give the on-screen Bruce Wayne a real run for his money.


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