10 Comic Books To Read If You Love Young Justice

Young Justice has led to old and new fans loving the Titans, but do you know their best stories?

DC Comics

Young Justice has been a huge hit for DC Entertainment thus far. It was a new look at the Teen Titans at a time when they were becoming well known in the comic book world again, and found particular success by not following the traditional ways of using characters, giving fans a new story completely.

The show is yet to use the likes of Raven or Starfire like the other Titans shows. However, they have used other compelling characters like Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Superboy, Robin/Nightwing, Aqualad, Red Arrow, and Artemis.

The show was doing well until it was randomly canceled and replaced with a by Teen Titans Go! It surprised many, due to the critical reception to the series, and for years fans campaigned for it to return.

Teen Titans Go! ended up serving its purpose, but fans craved more Young Justice content. Perhaps surprisingly, DC answered this call and now fans have been gifted to another season of Young Justice, airing exclusively on the DC Universe platform.

This decision gave older fans great YJ content, but it also brought new fans in. It stands to reason that many of those fans may not have dabbled in the team's comic books, but if they're feeling curious, then the following 10 titles will be right up their street...


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