10 Comic Characters Who Have Beaten The Batman

9. Bane

DC Comics

Talking of breaking the Bat. Batman's most famous defeat comes at the hands (or knee) of the gargantuan Bane, who hands poor Batman his most humiliating defeat. Again, in the Batcave. After freeing all of the inmates from Arkham Asylum, Bane sets his plan into motion, destroying the life of an already weakened Batman.

Spirit and spine crushed, Bruce Wayne passes the mantle onto one Jean Paul-Valley (spoilers: it doesn't go so well for anyone involved) and sets out in search of recovery/his kidnapped girlfriend, which (spoiler) he eventually finds, reclaiming his legacy and Gotham.

Since Knightfall, Batman and Bane have fought multiple times - usually to a standstill - but of all his rogues gallery, Bane has the chilling distinction of being the bad guy who actually did it - he beat the Bat in every way.

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