10 Comics That Saved Hated Characters

10. Iceman - Uncanny X-Men #600

Marvel Comics

The case of Robert Drake is an unpredictable one. While Bobby was never the worst characterised of the X-men, his arcs were generally focused on the turmoil surrounding his ice powers, which could prove irritating when it seemed Iceman was trapped in continually rediscovering his own powers. As such, we never really got a full insight into Bobby himself - or rather, we didn't until Uncanny X-Men #600, wherein a young Bobby realises he is gay, and confronts his future self about it (it's complicated).

The delicate nature of the subject matter made for a particularly unpredictable moment, yet one that ended up being handled with ease. Instead of it being a case of the older Drake being in denial, he supports his younger self's conclusion immediately, explaining that a mixture of his obligations to the X-Men and awareness it was another unfair reason others would hate him left him reluctant to address the elephant in his own head.

The unique, emotional conversation that the two characters have really served to make Iceman twice as dynamic and rounded a character as he was prior, and for a surprisingly warm moment from the man of ice.


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