10 Comics You Must Read Before Avengers: Infinity War

All your homework ahead of Thanos' big show.

Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel Comics

Well, it's here folks. The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War looks every bit as big and bombastic as we hoped it to be, crystallising the storyline that's been bubbling beneath the surface ever since Loki got his hands on the Tesseract in 2012. It's shaping up to be the event of 2017, and while there's nothing stopping fans from enjoying the cumulative efforts of Marvel Studios' latest epic, it's equally true that there's plenty of material out there that could make the experience even better.

"What?! Even better?! Preposterous!" I hear you say. But it's true, there's a veritable treasure trove of fantastic Marvel content waiting to be discovered that again, wouldn't only enhance a viewing of Infinity War (or several), but allow fans to really dive into the characters they've gotten to know these last few years. There are obvious comics to mention, like the one that bears the film's namesake, but there are others too that are equally as deserving of a read.

And, because Infinity War has such a big cast, there's plenty of material focusing on individual characters to mine before it eventually drops. Discerning just what, exactly, fans should pick up has also been made easier by rumours, the preceding cinematic canon and of course, Wednesday's trailer.

It's not just a case of further contextualising Infinity War's premise either, or impressing your mates with some newfound comic book knowhow. Marvel's bibliography is every bit as diverse and fascinating as its cinematic counterpart, and while getting new faces into comics stores is - as always - an arduous task, Infinity War could just be the film to reignite some good, old fashioned comic book love.

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