10 Controversial Comic Book Retcons Fans Hated

Sometimes comics need to change, but they don't always change for the better.

Marvel Comics

Ever since comic books first hit the shelves, characters and their pasts have constantly been changing. A lot of these changes have been long since forgotten, or sometimes even considered to be fundamental to the characters fans know and love, but some changes still cause controversy to this day.

While all retcons have always been controversial in some way or another, they are usually accepted by the fans after a while, but when writers decide to change a character’s past or their personality, fans often go into a frenzy trying to change them back, in some cases even going as far as to boycott the series to the point where the run gets cancelled or the character gets rebranded.

In order to understand why these retcons are and were so controversial, it's important to understand that many of the characters being discussed were characters people grew up with, and while some changes may not be as shocking or terrible to those new to Marvel and DC's worlds of capes and cowls, they're still changes some fans simply could not live with.