10 DC Characters Derived From Ancient Myth

The Greeks knew how to craft a good myth or two...

DC Comics

Heroes, villains, gods, monsters, beings of magic and cosmic might can be traced back through the myths and legends of all civilisations to the start of civilisation itself, and comic books and movies are its modern platform.

Comic book characters rest at the forefront of our culture’s modern mythology, and it's no surprise they've taken inspiration from the myths and legends of old.

Cementing new characters in ancient myth is common practice for artists in the superhero domain. In some cases, the ancient sources and characters integrated are already well-known, but with millennia of myth from which to draw, old obscure gods and monsters may be mistaken for new. Or it may be unclear how much of an adapted character’s traits and lore come from modern changes, and how much is derived from original sources.

This article serves to clear up some of that ambiguity for just 10 of the many mythic heroes and villains incorporated into DC’s vast pantheon.

Oh, and to make things more interesting, it's not all about Wonder Woman...


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