10 DC Comics That Would Make Perfect Animated Films

It's time for these DC stories to trade in pulp and ink for the silver screen.

DC Comics

DC and movies feel like the odd couple. For years now the studio appears to play second fiddle to Marvel in terms of success. Critics and fans alike seem to prefer Marvel’s softer and more lighthearted brand to DC’s often dark and brutalist style. Here’s the catch: the exact opposite is true when it comes to an animated film. DC is the premiere studio in that medium.

For a few decades now, the animators over at Warner Bros. Animation and DC manage to produce excellent recreations of detailed stories within the full gambit of their comic collection. Graphic novels like All-Star Superman and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns were adapted to the silver screen with care and attention. Not every adaptation is a hit, but, for the most part, DC is a consistent producer of quality content in this realm.

DC still has a ton of excellent graphic novels and comic book series to pull from, and some of them are begging for an animated release. Heck, some of these comics will work as live-action films, but that’s not the point of this list. Let’s celebrate the gift of animation and the flexibility it brings to storytelling in cinema. These stories are unique, and part of what makes them special is their graphic design. Only the animated style can lend itself to paying that off right. Time to dive into some of the grandest DC stories and dream about the animated movies they might become one day.


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