10 DC Storylines That Need To Be Adapted To Film

10. The Flash: Rogue War

Warner Bros. & DC Comics

The Flash has one of most unique villains gallery. From a metahuman that can control the weather all the way to an average human with a cryo gun, its safe to say that his enemies are all over the place. That's why Rogue War is such a good, plain and simple story that deserves to be seen on the silver screen.

Comic book movies lately have tended to be to elaborate and drawn out. Just look at Dawn of Justice for example. The film was nearly three hours of nothing but long, complicated storytelling. Rogue War is a simple tale of a hero trying to stop the bad guys and save the day. After the events of Justice League, The Flash was made to look foolish and weaker than he should be. If anything could redeem the awkward speedster, it would be a movie where he shows off his true strength and takes down six or seven powerful foes.

Another issue the DCEU is facing is that they do not have any good villains. Lex was annoying, Zod was a giant baby, and Enchantress just belly danced. Adding the well-spoken Captain Cold, the zany Trickster, and the sociopathic Zoom would be magnificent additions to the universe Warner Brothers are trying to build.


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