10 DC Villains To Watch Out For In 2019 On Film & TV

It's not all about the DCEU, y'know.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker
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DC's live action struggles have been well documented these last few years, but to say the publisher hasn't given cause for encouragement would be very unfair. Their TV offerings remain consistent, and with the DCEU set to take on a new identity in the coming months, 2019 could very much come to represent a change of fortunes for Marvel's rival - at least when it comes to critical reception.

There may be no catching Marvel at this stage, with the MCU at a demonstrable peak and with dozens of new high budget TV offerings coming to Disney's own streaming service in 2020, but that's no reason to not be excited for what DC have in the pipeline.

Of course, one of the biggest things fans revere most about DC are the publisher's villains; from Batman's rogues' gallery to the villains of Flash, Superman and beyond - there are dozens of iconic evil-doers littered throughout the company's comics, and some who are even set to make their first live action appearance in a matter of months.

But what villains specifically should fans prepare for next year? Spanning from Gotham City to the plains of Apokolips, these are the biggest DC bad guys set to make a splash in 2019...

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