10 DC Villains Who Need Their Own Standalone Film

Are there any other DC villains deserving of the Joker treatment?

DC Comics

Just a few short years ago, DC's cinematic universe was a laughing stock, with the rushed Justice League and woeful Suicide Squad ruining any hopes DC had of catching up on Marvel's head-start. While DC has released a few very decent films since then, with Shazam being a particularly good offering, it wasn't until this month that DC firmly stood their ground against the MCU with Joker.

Joker is a comic book movie unlike any other, forgoing the interconnected nature of most other films to instead tell a one-off, grounded character study. To say it has been a success would be a massive understatement, with the film breaking multiple records and gaining a lot of very tangible Oscar buzz. Naturally, when you find a successful formula, you'd be a fool only to do it once, and the reports of various supervillain movies in production prove that DC is not aiming to be foolish here.

However, with so many villains to choose from in DC's comics universe, the real question is who needs their own movie the most? Joker is a villain almost too iconic to fail but would a lesser-known villain be received just as well? We can only hope that these 10 villains are given a chance by DC soon.


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