10 Essential Superman Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

10. Parasite

Parasite In DC Comics
DC Comics

Parasite isn't just one of Superman's most repulsive adversaries, but one of his most dangerous too.

Although he was first created by Jim Shooter in 1966, the longest-running incarnation of the character - Rudy Jones - was first conceptualised by John Ostrander and Joe Brozowski in 1987. Like most of Supes' post-Crisis adversaries, Parasite made a name for himself as a darker, more physical challenge for the Man of Steel to overcome. His powers (as the name sort of suggests) allow him to leech the power off of anyone he feasts on, including Superman.

That makes him a formidable villain, and while he's not really capable of anchoring a feature of his own, he'd work well in a villainous ensemble, especially when he's managed to challenge the Man of Steel as much as he has since his first appearance.

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