10 Fascinating Comic Moments That Almost Happened

A look at some real-life alternate continuity.

Marvel Comics

One of the most prevalent ideas in comics is that of alternate worlds, entirely different continuities built around the concept of exploring "what if" scenarios for our favourite heroes. Entire series have sprung out of questions like "What if Superman turned evil?" or "What if Spider-Man had a daughter?" - Marvel even used to have an entire series of "What If?" comics to showcase how iconic moments could have gone differently.

However, sometimes these "What If?" scenarios apply to comics themselves in real life. Comics are a multi-million pound industry and thousands of decisions are made every day on characters and plot points, with changes often being made at the very last minute. At the time, some of these decisions may not seem important but, with hindsight, we can look back and realise the full impact they had on their respective series and the comic's industry as a whole.

This is a list of those times, those last minute changes that altered huge moments in comic book history. Some are things that would have completely rewritten famous characters, while others are instances where the events leading up to the change itself are fascinating.

Either way, they're all an incredible peek into comics that almost happened.

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