10 Former Justice League Members Who Need Another Call-Up

The Justice League is due an expansion.

DC Comics

The main Justice League comic at DC primarily consists of what the publisher has established as their new core group of heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Flash, with the Green Lantern spot actually taken up by two current Green Lanterns - Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.

While this is great given the upcoming cinema release of Justice League, featuring a team made up of largely these characters, as far as the comics are concerned this has left the team feeling as though it is lacking in some key areas.

While there is also a Justice League of America, filled with a diverse group of heroes, the main core Justice League watching over Earth from their orbital Watchtower is missing some vital power-sets and viewpoints that - it must be said - would be nice to see in the team once again.

But which heroes are most deserving of another League call-up? The ones who've absented the spotlight for far too long? While members come and go all the time, here are the few that should really be brought back into the ranks of DC's premier superhero team.


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