10 Funniest Moments In DC Comics

The Justice League as the Magic Mike Cast? More likely than you’d think.

DC Comics

As the darker of the two main comic franchises, you’d expect that DC tends to have less funny moments in their comics – after all, Batman’s hardly going to turn the death of his parents into a light stand-up comedy routine.

But, because of their often more serious tone – or maybe in spite of it – there is a secret surplus of hilarity hiding within DC comics. Often, it’s moments that seem almost accidentally amusing, which often makes the whole thing funnier. It also means that when the comics have intentional jokes, you appreciate them all the more, like the only light in an otherwise dark room.

While brooding superheroes are never going to make a non-stop comedy comic, whether intentionally or otherwise, they still manage to be hilarious.

10. Aquaman Milks A Cow With An Octopus

DC Comics

There are basically infinite ways Aquaman can use his powers to totally badass effect - something proved in many comics over the years. At the other end of the badass spectrum, however, is him using his power to get an octopus to milk a cow to hydrate himself. Not only is it an almost useless way to use said sweet ocean powers, it’s also a super creepy way to use them – even for survival.

Weirder yet, is that this isn’t the only time the old Aquaman comic used the idea of bathing in milk to power up the ocean’s hero. Back in the day, it was a fairly common concept, with the octopus in this example just being the weird cherry on top of a particularly strange cake.

Were Aquaman still up to these kinds of questionable hijinks, it’s more than likely his place in the Justice League would have been revoked pretty dang quickly.

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