10 Great Batman Villains No One Ever Remembers

Everyone knows The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Two-Face, etc. Chances are, you’d probably be able to name most if…

Satya Baskaran



Everyone knows The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Penguin, Two-Face, etc. Chances are, you’d probably be able to name most if not all the villains in the above photo. But what about the lesser known psychos that give Batman a headache now and then? Yes, there ARE more villains in Batman’s rogues gallery than just the staple A-List crazies that routinely break out of Arkham and cause pandemonium in Gotham.

There have been many TV Shows, movies, comics, etc that have showed off these well-known villains countless number of times. No-doubt, they are only as well known as they are because of the challenge they pose to the Dark Knight, but we often get so wrapped up in the new Joker or Two-Face story that we often forget about the others.

The new Cartoon Network/DC Nation TV show Beware the Batman, is going to bring these lesser known villains into light – BUT before the DC Nation tells you about them, here are 10 great Batman villains that no one ever remembers…


10. Man-Bat


Origin: Kirk Langstrom was a gifted scientist whose specialty was the study of bats. In an attempt to gift humanity with bats’ sonar abilities he created a serum that was meant to do so. However because he was going deaf, he decided to test the serum on himself. The serum worked, but there was a little side effect: He was turned into a giant monstrous bat himself! Now, Langstrom haunts the night as the hideous Man-Bat desperate in search for an antidote to cure him.


  • Echolocation
  • Flight
  • Enhanced speed
  • Superior Strength
  • Superhuman senses

First Appearance: Man-Bat first appeared in Detective Comics #400, which was published in June 1970. His first encounter with Batman was when he was attempting to steal chemicals to create the antidote for the Man-Bat serum. However due to the animalistic nature of Man-Bat, he naturally attacks Batman, who is forced to subdue him and administer the antidote himself.

SIDE NOTE: In the later part of his life, Langstrom refines his serum and this allows him to retain his intelligence and briefly became “one of the good guys” however, this did not last long as his mental and physical instability returned.