10 Great Batman Villains No One Ever Remembers

3. Magpie

Origin: Margaret Pye was a curator at an antiques museum in Gotham and was mad about shiny things. Yeah. Ok, moving on. Her friends nicknamed her Magpie because of this and because she realized she could never have the shiny things she was surrounded by she became very jealous and decided to take what, she believed, was rightfully hers. She made booby-trapped copies of the items she stole and replaced them with the original, possibly as a punishment for the people who €œtook away her shiny things€. She was a harsh employer and killed any thug that failed her. Abilities: Magpie has no special abilities or powers. She is only obsessed with shiny objects, which she takes, believing them to be rightfully hers. First Appearance: Magpie first appeared in The Man of Steel #3 €“ let me finish. Although she first appeared in a Superman title, she is also a Batman villain because she was, unfortunately for her, the first villain to be captured by the team of Superman and Batman. She subsequently had a mental breakdown when her shiny things were taken away from her.
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