10 Greatest DC Comics Of The 21st Century, Not Starring Batman

Looking Beyond the Dark Knight.

DC Comics

DC Comics has always had one huge advantage over other comic book companies, and that's Batman. With the most popular comic book character of all time, DC will always have a strong foothold in lexicon of comics. The entire world seems to be a Batman fan, but not everyone looks past him to see the rest of what the DC Universe has to offer.

DC Comics birthed the superhero medium with Superman in 1938, and they've been able to hone their storytelling ever since. Since the turn of the century, DC has rebooted their comics universe on two separate occasions, both with the intent of trying to tell even better stories than before.

The world of DC is vast and goes far beyond just Batman. DC's heroes and villains have always been designed to act as modern myths and tell timeless stories. The following comics represent the best of what the modern age of DC Comics has to offer. These are the 10 Greatest DC Comics of the 21st Century, Not Starring Batman.

10. Wonder Woman: Eyes Of The Gorgon

DC Comics

Wonder Woman is always at her best when her stories blend mythology with super heroics, and this 2005 story by Greg Rucka masterfully combines both. She is presented as an both an ambassador for Themysciran and as a hardcore warrior fighting a version of the mythical monster, Medousa (as her name is spelled in DC comics lore).

Greg Rucka continues to this day to be one of the better modern writers for Wonder Woman, and this is the arc where he really hits his stride. He is able to make a formal dinner at the White House just as compelling as an unbelievably vicious fight with Medousa.

This is a story that beautifully captures the dual nature of Wonder Woman. This is the arc to read to see why Wonder Woman is one of DC's cornerstone characters.


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