10 Greatest DC Superheroes Of All Time

8. Green Lantern

DC Comics

"Beware my power, Green Lantern's light".

Green Lantern was initially introduced to the world as vigilante Alan Scott in 1940, but the mantle would reach a whole new level of popularity when the character was revamped as Hal Jordan - a member of interstellar law enforcement agency, the Green Lantern Corps. Drawing power from an unearthly green ring, Jordan would protect the world from some of the most dangerous threats in the galaxy - but he wasn't the only one.

While the Green Lantern Corps included many species of Lantern, Jordan had a number of human backups, most notably his eventual replacement, John Stewart, who proved to be a worthy successor.

Steeped in rich mythology, Green Lantern is undoubtedly one of DC's coolest superheroes. Though the reviled 2011 film practically turned him into a meme, it's important that fans overlook that - simply because the well-written arcs and wide array of compelling characters to wear the ring deserve better.


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