10 Grossest Comic Book Relationships You Won't Believe Exist

10. Doctor Octopus And Aunt May

Marvel Comics

Arguably the weirdest thing about Doctor Octopus and Aunt May briefly existing as a couple is that, by all means, it actually wasn't that awful.

Sure, he was using her to get her recent inheritance, and sure, he doesn't even try to hide the steel tentacles, but he does protect her from harm’s way, and you could argue that it looks like he does appear to care a bit about Aunt May.

No, the gross part of their relationship appears forty whole years later, in The Amazing Spiderman #699, where Spider-Man taps into the Doctor’s memories to find the old lady coaxing him into premarital sex. Worse yet, it appears when Parker tries looking for a nice memory in the scientist’s brain, which does suggest he may still burn a candle for the comic book cougar.

Although your nephew seeing essentially a live-action sex tape of you is gross by any standards, the real tragedy of the romance is that it didn't live on - because nothing would have been funnier than seeing Peter Parker deal with the new addition to the family.


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