10 Horror Comics That Prove Not Even Reading Is Safe

Kick-starting some fun new phobias.

Archie Horror

With horror films, tv shows, and books being such a massive industry nowadays, it seems crazy that horror comics are comparatively so obscure. In fact, the way comics are structured prevents a lot of the parts of horror people often complain about – as a good comic requires solidly spooky writing and visuals to create a genuine sense of fear.

There’s no ability to create fear through solely a soundtrack, like in some less than stellar films – or stay totally ambiguous, as is often the case in books. Horror comics are forcibly a best of both worlds scenario – or worst of both worlds, depending on how much you get hype about being terrified.

Combine this with a prolific amount of diverse comics, and regardless of what you look for in horror, there exists a comic in some dark, demonic corner, waiting to take your brain to some wonderful and hideous nightmare realm.

Should you wish to gain a lifelong fear of the everyday - such as ice cream men or monkeys - look no further than these wonderfully gruesome horror comics...


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