10 Iconic Superhero Team-Ups Fans Love

Best friends forever.

DC Comics

What's better then our favorite superhero saving the world? Multiple of our favorite superheroes saving the world together.

With so many beloved heroes having fought for decades across the pages of DC and Marvel comics, it's not surprising that almost any combination of team-ups you can imagine have happened.

Sometimes there is something extra special about a super duo, something so unique in their friendship and fighting that fans hope for more. These are team-ups where the combination of two superheroes elevated both of them; crossovers where heroes fighting crime together allowed different aspects of both their characters to be explored in a new way, and friendships that reshaped how fans saw the heroes, or even how the heroes saw themselves.

There's a reason why it's become a staple after all, and it goes beyond just the novelty of seeing two heroes join side by side. In some cases they compliment each other perfectly, and that's why they've endured for so long.

Let's look at some of these exceptional team-ups. Everything from old fan favorites to more recent additions we can't get enough of. These are supers who have shared titles together, heroes who can't seem to stop having crossovers, and one friendship older than most readers themselves.


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