10 Image Comics That Would Make Great Movies (And How To Make Them)

Jumping off the pages and onto the big screen...

Image Comics

Two comic makers may seem to dominate the industry, but beneath the Batmans and Supermans of the world lies a publisher that prides itself on branching away from the superhero genre.

Founded in 1992 by various established comic creators, Image comics was conceived as a way of allowing writers and artists to maintain creative control over their work, without the kind of interference that was commonplace at Marvel and DC.

The studio was an instant success, and now produces a wide variety of books, most of which have received critical acclaim. Even if you've never knowingly read one of Image's comics, chances are you're familiar with at least some of their output. The hugely popular AMC series The Walking Dead began life as one of the publisher's titles, while Spawn and Outcast have both been adapted for film and TV respectively.

Just as Marvel and DC have looked to theatres to increase their characters' popularity, Image now has a bankable library of books under its belt, some of which would make for excellent viewing, as well as welcome alternatives to Marvel/DC's blockbuster mega-franchises...


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