10 Injustice Super Moves Taken Straight From The Comics

The comics that inspired your favourite finishers...

DC Comics

The best part of any fighting game is without doubt the finishing moves - which go under the somewhat questionable title of 'super moves' .

While beating up your friend or an AI with sweet combos and occasionally shady tactics is great, there's something to be said for getting one beautiful cutscene tailor-made to showing you brutalising whatever poor unfortunate soul you've come up against.

And while some of these are decidedly disappointing - Solomon Grundy, we're looking at you - there are more than enough awesome, badass and vicious finishers to satiate that bloodthirsty desire that games like Mortal Kombat know so well. In actuality, these finishers are in one sense much easier to produce than in other fighting games, as many of the very best ones are either taken from comics, or otherwise at least referencing them.

Which makes the violent finishers all the sweeter, as you're not only watching your favourite superhero and villain beat down on one another - you're watching them beat each other up like they did in the comics, adding an extra layer to all of the wonderful violence.


I like my comics like I like my coffee - in huge, unquestionably unhealthy doses.