10 Insane Alternate Versions Of The X-Men You Won't Believe Exist

Don't tell me you missed the story of when Wolverine was a blood-thirsty vampire.

Marvel Comics

If anybody in comics gives Superman a run for his money in terms of weird and wonderful alternate realities, it's the X-Men.

Marvel's merry band of mutants have been inexorably linked with time travel and the multiverse thanks to the classic Days Of Future Past storyline, which served as the source material for the movie of the same name (if not quite the same plot) (or protagonist).

Ever since that dystopian look at one of the many possible futures in store for the members of Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters, we've been party to any number of alternate versions of the X-Men, in all shapes, sizes, and species. Yeah, we'll get to the species. The X-Men comics are so lousy with different realities that in the early noughties Marvel launched a whole book to deal with them, Exiles, which saw a team of mutants from alternate worlds being brought together by mystical forces to help repair tears in the universe by hopping between some of the strangest universes in the multiverse. The one where everyone was vampires was pretty cool. But by no means the strangest, believe it or not - because there be far, far stranger ahead.

We've braved those very worlds for you, and return now with our heads held eyes and some of the most ridiculous alternate versions of the X-Men you've ever seen. Even weirder than the one with a cockney Juggernaut and Juno as Shadowcat.


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