10 Insane Batman Crossovers You Won't Believe Existed

1. Batman/Elmer Fudd

Batman Elmer Fudd
DC Comics

This one is really, really something. Comprised of possibly the most unlikely team up written since your fanfiction phase, this crossover reimagines the Elmer Fudd vs. Bugs Bunny feud within the Batman universe, which is a sentence so surreal it’s a surprise they didn’t immediately ship the person who initially pitched it to Arkham itself (Tom King, we love you).

The worst part? There’s something weirdly engaging about it – perhaps a result of the sheer fascination of seeing characters from our childhood reimagined in gritty forms that is just beautifully, charmingly weird. If you ever wanted to see a Mohawk-wearing, bar-fight starting human equivalent of the Tasmanian Devil, this comic cannot come more recommended.

Equally, although completely surreal, a story that consists of Elmer Fudd being tricked by a human Bugs Bunny to hunt down Batman is arguably one of the most interesting plot lines to exist within the realms of the crossover, even if it may be interesting for all the wrong reasons.

Elmer Fudd also does a Rorschach-like monologue in his voice, taking a once 'wascally character and making him terrifying from top to bottom.

Are there any other Batman crossovers out there as insane as these? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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