10 Insane Times Superheroes Teamed Up With Their Worst Enemies

Batman And Joker... partners?!

Batman Joker Team Up
DC Comics

The superhero genre loves a good trope. Whether it be a case of mistaken identity, powers misbehaving or something else entirely, there's always something the genre returns to time and again.

One of the most beloved tropes is that of the Hero-Villain team-up. All too often the superheroes of the Marvel and DC universes have had to put aside their differences with their greatest adversary, suit up, and take on a bigger threat with their foe at their side.

There's a reason why it's so successful though, and that's because the novelty never gets old; writers always find a way to make these onetime collaborations ludicrously entertaining, providing enough thrills, spills and occasionally chills, to warrant another return a few years further down the line.

Of course, with some rivalries outlasting others - both in terms of acclaim and notoriety - it makes sense that some occasions where heroes fought alongside their enemies were more successful than others. The bigger the rivalry, the bigger the impact, and with countless stories from both the House of Ideas and their West Coast rivals having utilised the trope in some way or another, there's quite a lot to unpack.

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