10 Insanely Dark Batman Moments That'll Never Make It To Film

They don't call him the Dark Knight for nothing.

DC Comics

They don't call Batman the Dark Knight for nothing.

He's always been one of the grittier heroes to emerge from the comic book underworld, but there are times when he's downright frickin' insane.

The Caped Crusader is a tortured mix of light and darkness, a unhinged crimefighter who's never far away from being as bad as the criminals he's stalking.

Writers have explored this concept inside and out over the years, and the results are some of the bleakest stories ever committed to the comic book page.

Batman at his worst is frankly unfilmable, if only to preserve the cameraman's sanity, and here are 10 moments from his comic history that are too dark for Hollywood.

10. Batman Condemns KGBeast To Death

DC Comics

Batman's no-kill policy is the fine line which separates him from the psychopaths in his rogues gallery, but there are times when DC writers have declared war on canon.

In 1988's Ten Nights of the Beast story arc, the Dark Knight as good as abandons his number one rule when he locks the Russian assassin KGBeast in an underground prison with no food, water or chance of escape.

If that isn't callous enough, the brawl which proceeded the act wouldn't have looked out of place in a Roman gladiatorial arena - the Beast loses an eye in the process!

Well aware that this act of fatal imprisonment pretty much craps on the Dark Knight's legacy, future writers retconned the entire incident and would have us believe Bats later called the police to pick up the walking Cold War parody.

At least stand by your gruesome plot twists, DC.

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