10 Little Known X-Men Who Could Make Marvel Millions

Tired of Cyclops, Wolverine and the rest? Then say hello to an All-New X-Men.


When Disney bought Fox in 2018 everyone sat up and took notice. No longer would the likes of the Fantastic Four and X-Men be forced to appear in second grade "quick! Make this so we don't lose the rights", movies. Instead, they would find a home with the House of Mouse and get the treatment they deserved by becoming a part of the MCU.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of all this, though, is that the X-Men would finally be able to appear in a universe that they helped build as one of Marvel's flagship titles. But just how, exactly, do they go about it?

After all, with only a couple of good films under the Fox banner, it's understandable that fans might not want to see the same rehashed versions of Scott, Jean, and Logan once again pull on the lycra and sleepwalk through another 120 mins - but what alternatives are there?

Well, quite a few as it turns out. Whether they are time traveling badasses or Phoenix force-infused daughters, the history of the X-Men is littered with characters that could fill a new team a thousand times over, and give the world a fresh new take out Charles Xavier's prodigies.


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