10 Marvel Comics Characters Deadpool Has Killed

10. Mercedes Wilson

Marvel Comics

During the mid-1990s, Marvel Comics shed light on Wade Wilson's pre-Deadpool career with a storyline that took a deep dive into his origin, introducing fans to an unhinged mercenary who was yet to gain self-healing abilities.

The arc revealed how a man named Wade T Wilson and his wife Mercedes rescued a guy from an icy river in Maine and nursed him back to health, only to discover their patient is a ruthless merc whose grasp on reality is faltering.

This, of course, is Deadpool, and it isn't long before he begins fantasising about becoming Wade T, a twisted dream he tries to realise by attempting to murder the man who fished him out of that river, only to accidentally kill his wife instead.

At the time, readers were led to believe Deadpool also killed Wade T and made off with his identity, but one plot twist later, he returned to the mouthy merc's life as the villainous T-Ray. What's more, he went on to resurrect Mercedes, adding further fuel to the theory that Marvel characters never stay dead unless they're named Uncle Ben.


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