10 Messed Up Marvel Comics Moments We'll Never See In Movies

1. When Ms. Marvel Got Time Travel Raped By Her Own Son

Marvel Comics

The Offending Comic: The Avengers, Vol 1, #200 (1980)

To celebrate its 200th issue of The Avengers, Marvel went all-out. And by all-out we mean they took their most popular female superhero Ms. Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) – a character hailed as a feminist icon – and gave her a storyline in which she’s raped and impregnated by her own future son.

How? Well, the plot makes very little sense but it goes something like this. Ms Marvel discovers she’s pregnant and gestating at an unnaturally fast rate and ends up giving birth to a baby boy who grows into a full adult in a matter of hours. This strange baby-man is Marcus, son of Avengers nemesis Immortus who was born in Limbo.

He explains that he wanted to assume human form and the only way to do so was by abducting Ms. Marvel to Limbo herself, brainwashing her into having sex with him so he can impregnate her with himself. As if that wasn’t f**cked up enough, they had Ms. Marvel fall for her time-travelling rapist son-lover and return to Limbo with him.

Thankfully, this story was eventually undone by writer Chris Claremont as Marvel came to realise how messed up it was and we really can’t see it making its way into the MCU’s upcoming Carol Danvers movie Captain Marvel.

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