10 Messed Up Marvel Comics Moments We'll Never See In Movies

10. When Norman Osborn Impregnated A Barely Legal Gwen Stacy

Marvel Comics

The Offending Comics: The Amazing Spider-Man, #509-#514 (2004-2005)

Quite possibly the most controversial Spider-Man plot ever published, J. Michael Straczynski’s Sins Past story arc basically retconned Gwen Stacy’s death and took a big dump all over her character. Remember when Gwen buggered off to Paris for a bit and returned only to be chucked off a bridge to her death by Norman Osborn in his Green Goblin get-up?

Well, it turns out his reason for murdering Gwen was that he’d previously impregnated her with twins and offed her when she threatened to confess all of this to Peter Parker. During her and Norman’s tryst she was over the legal age of consent but only by a few years and the whole thing’s made a lot more icky by the fact that Norman was a good few decades older than her at the time.

Fingers crossed this arc is left solely on page because the thought of the Green Goblin banging a barely legal Gwen Stacy is too much for the big screen.

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