10 Mind Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Venom

10. The Scorpion Replaced Brock As Venom

Mac Gargan Venom
Marvel Comics

Although Mac Gargan will most commonly be known as the first Scorpion - a character that only just received his live action debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming - he actually bonded with the symbiote for a good few years, even going onto imitate Spidey during the Dark Reign event.

Gargan's Venom was altogether more sinister and malicious than Brock's, certainly when the the former journalist was in the latter stages of his career. He collaborated with Norman Osborn and became a so-called 'Dark Avenger', and, unlike Brock, was unable to keep the suit in check when he wanted to. This led to Gargan developing cannibalistic urges, and it's implied that the symbiote itself feels its host is unworthy of its power.

Gargan would be forcibly removed from the symbiote after the events of Siege, and returned to being just plain old Scorpion in its wake. While he might not be Brock, Scorpion's time in the black suit was an interesting one indeed, and created space for Eddie to move in a fresh direction too.

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