10 Mind-Blowing Times Horror Icons Fought Superheroes

Fight Club 3: Starring Dracula.

Warner Bros./Marvel

With so many horror movie villains being interesting enough to have their own comics, it’s perhaps only logical that they also manage to make their way to the pages of DC and Marvel, fighting various superheroes.

On a more practical level, it’s also an effective way to get interest from crowds who maybe don’t read comics that often, or even at all. You don’t have to like Batman to wonder how a fight between him and Leatherface would go, so using figures from iconic horror films can generate interest from readers who otherwise maybe wouldn’t have picked up a given comic in the first place.

There’s also a much, much more fun reason for this trend - that you can create literal fantasy scenarios. A good portion of the internet is taken up with speculation about who some superheroes could beat up, and what better way to support those brave theorists than by creating comics dedicated to those situations?

Should you ever want to know whether Carnage could kill Cthulu – or if Doctor Strange could deck Dracula – then look no further from the following selection of comics.


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