10 Most Anticipated Comics Still To Come In 2017

10. Marvel Two-In-One

Marvel Two In One
Marvel Comics

Release Date: December 13

Admittedly, Two-in-One didn't have much going for it in the excitement department when it was announced, with the book only featuring one half of the Fantastic Four (Johnny and Ben), and not the entire team.

However, the fact that Legacy dropped a massive 4-shaped bombshell the other day undoubtedly adds to the book's appeal. With Ben and Johnny searching for their old teammates and with Franklin and Valeria hurtling back home, it makes Two-in-One one of the most important titles of Legacy going forward, especially since it could be the vehicle that relaunches the Fantastic Four after their excruciatingly long hiatus.

The always infallible Chip Zdarksy will write the series, with pencils being provided by Jim Cheung. That's a superstar pairing in and of itself and, even without the Legacy reveal, it would've been wise to suspect that the series had more going for it than just Johnny and Ben. Here's hoping it brings the goods when it releases.

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